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NAVI Solutions is improving the operational continuity of facility infrastructure through the methods of IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things, transforming essential building systems into connected IIoT smart devices.

NAVI has adapted ISO 9001 wireless technology currently monitoring wireless carrier networks for the monitoring of commercial and industrial building systems.

NAVI Notify™ Wireless Pumping System Alarms

Inexpensive insurance against pumping disasters

Pumping Systems are the heart of your building.  What happens when they fail?

It's your job to make sure nothing goes wrong.  When it does, don't be the last to know.

When things go wrong, time is working against you.  Water pressure is not maintained, heating and cooling are not delivered, wastewater is not disposed, fuel is not delivered, and manufacturing processes stop. Operations, equipment, property, and revenue are at risk.  When your pumps don’t work people go home.

Built on industrial controls and pumping systems expertise, backed by ISO 9001 technology widely used to monitor wireless carrier networks , NAVI Notify™ delivers direct and immediate wireless alarm notifications.  Eliminate the delays and message failures associated with property networks, BMS platforms, alarm services, and management escalation protocols.

You want to know now, not after the fact.

Notify layout (3).png

NAVI Notify™ is a wireless message notification system that translates dry contact alarm inputs, analog inputs, and loss-of-power conditions into pre-formatted outbound text messages to multiple cellular telephone numbers.


NAVI Notify™ provides direct and immediate notification of pumping system alarms to maintenance personnel, facilities managers and property stakeholders ensuring critical conditions are identified and can be corrected before equipment and property are damaged or an impact to utilization and revenue is experienced.


Installed adjacent to facility critical pumping systems, NAVI Notify™ includes a UPS powered Alarm Message Processor with an integrated User Interface, and a managed VPN cellular data router in a NEMA 4X enclosure. 

Inexpensive insurance against extended property damage and prolonged out-of-service conditions

NAVI Notify™ Wireless Pumping System Alarms

navi notify network layout v1.png

NAVI Notify™

Wireless Pumping System Alarms

  • Real-time alarm monitoring

  • Delivers specific alarm messages

  • Up to 12 digital alarm sensors

  • 1 analog alarm sensor

  • Monitors system status and health

  • Independent of building systems

  • Immediate direct notifications

  • Local and remote management

Installation & Set-up

  • Flexible mounting options

  • Wireless – No cables. No IT set-up.

  • Fully activated cell data VPN router

  • Basic 2 or 4 wire sensor connections

  • Connects to pump power source

  • Configuration

  • Enter alarm descriptions

  • Enter recipient cell phone numbers

Pumping Systems

  • Water Pressure Boosters

  • HVAC Circulation Systems

  • Process & Heat Exchange Systems

  • Condensate & Boiler Feed Systems

  • Water & Wastewater Systems

  • Sump & Sewage systems

  • Fuel Oil Delivery Systems

Pump System Status Monitoring

  • Loss-of-Power

  • Suction & Discharge Pressure

  • Fluid Temperature

  • Flow Rate Monitoring

  • High & Low Level

Reliability & Availability

  • Managed Cellular VPN Data Network

  • Continuous connectivity monitoring

  • Continuous unit health monitoring

  • Remote Management & Support

  • Secure, Reliable, Available

Pump System Health Monitoring

  • Motor Vibration

  • Motor Temperature

  • Fluid/Water/FuelOil Presence

Industrial/Commercial Environments

  • 120 to 280 VAC or 240 to 480 VAC

  • Weatherproof NEMA 4X Enclosure

  • Complies with IIoT standards

  • Industrial grade components

Notify™ is delivered with pre-activated cellular communications. No carrier set-up. No IT set-up.  No network set-up.

Notify™ provides simple, direct alarm notifications without the complexities of control system and network integrations.


Mount it. Wire it. Enter names, numbers and alarm lables.  You're protected. 


Other cellular dialing systems utilize carrier voice networks to deliver messages.

Notify™ rides on a secure managed cellular data VPN providing continuous connectivity monitoring and Notify status.

NAVI management dashboard provides remote diagnostic and support access.


Notify™ connectivity is provided by a secure managed cellular data Virtual Private Network (VPN).


VPN connectivity provides secure remote diagnostic access while protecting the unit from any unauthorized access.


Any 2-wire, contact-closure, switch-type or analog sensor may be connected to the Notify™ Wireless Pump Alarm.

If additional sensors are needed, contact us and we cam make a recommendation. 

Specs v1.png
NAVI Notify™
Unit Price                                       $2,135
(Excluding shipping & taxes)
Annual Network Service Charge       $350

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Download Notify™ Datasheet
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