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  • Who needs a NAVI Notify Wireless Pump Alarm?
    NAVI Notify provides immediate and direct notification of pumping system faults from contact closure sensors indicating the system is operating out of out-of-tolerance. Notify is designed to provide alarms for any operations essential pumping system. Since pumping systems are critical to the operation of commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities, Notify is intended to support maintenance first responders, management, and owners tasked with continuity of operations.
  • What types of pumping systems does Notify connect to?
    Notify will connect to any pumping system equipped with contact closure (switch type) sensors or transducers. Typically process pumps, water pressure boosters, HVAC circulation systems, fuel oil transfer pumps, wastewater pumps, or irrigation pumps.
  • What types of sensors, alarms, and pump faults does Notify detect?"
    Notify is powered by the pumping system power source. Notify detects loss-of-power. Pressure sensors (suction, discharge, differential) indicate loss of supply, inadequate suction, loss-of-service, open pipes, deadheaded pumps, and other system problems. Temperature sensors (high or low) indicate deadheaded pumps, freeze risks, safety risks, and other system or equipment problems. Flow sensors (low flow/no flow) indicate loss-of-service, system and other equipment problems. Level sensors (fluid presence/high or low level) indicate system problems and pending overflows. Motor vibration sensors indicate motor bearing failure, mis-aligned pump shaft, pending motor failure. Motor temperature sensors indicate overload conditions, stator winding failure, pending motor failure.
  • Can Notify be installed outdoors? Can it be installed in basement locations?
    Yes. Notify is delivered in a NEMA 4X enclosure. All components designed to industrial operating limits. Some basement locations restrict cellular signal strength. For locations with limited signal strength remote and amplified antenna options are available.
  • I have a pump fault alarm contact on my control panel. How is that different from Notify?
    Control panel alarm contacts indicate any undefined, general pumping system fault. Control panel alarms typically activate local visual or audible alarms or are transmitted to a Building Management System requiring local network connectivity, display, management action, and dispatch. All creating response delay. Notify sends an immediate and direct alarm message to the maintenance responder eliminating the delays associated with general faults, BMS, and dispatch processes. Notify identifies alarms by source (pressure, temperature, flow, level, vibration) simplifying problem diagnosis ensuring maintenance personnel are prepared to address the problem once on-site.
  • Is Notify complicated to install and set up? Do I need a licensed electrician?
    Notify is delivered in a flanged NEMA 4X enclosure mountable to any Unistrut, box tube, or existing panel support frame adjacent to the pumping system. Alternately, the Notify enclosure is wall mountable. Once the sensor leads are secured to the Notify input terminals, set up is completed by simply entering an alarm name or designation for each sensor input, entering up to 10 alarm message recipient names and their cell phone numbers through the Notify touch screen. Notify is powered from the pump’s line power, typically 208, 240, 277 or 480 VAC. If your staff is not experienced in working with higher voltage wiring, we recommend the Notify power connections be completed by a qualified electrician.
  • Pumping system failures are infrequent. How do I know the Notify unit will be working?
    Network connectivity to the Notify unit is provided over a managed cellular data virtual private network (VPN). Connectivity to the Notify unit is tested hourly with any status issues reported to the NAVI support system. Additionally, the Notify unit sends a health status message to the NAVI support system daily. When status is not received within the interval, a diagnostic process is followed to identify the problem and restore service. The Notify unit can be remotely diagnosed and restored over the managed cellular data VPN.
  • Will Notify continue operating during a power failure?
    Notify is powered by an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) providing up to an hour of operation in the event of a power failure. Notify is connected to the pumping system power and provides loss-of-power messages and power restored messages in the event of a power failure. Alarm processing and connectivity are automatically restored when power returns.
  • How does Notify send alarm notifications? How is it different from other cellular dialers?
    Notify detects the contact alarm closure, matches the alarm with its name/designation, associated recipients and phone numbers, then transmits the alarm message across the cellular data VPN then to the recipient’s wireless carrier to be delivered to the recipient as a text message. Cellular dialers rely on CDMA or GSM cell modem technology operating on the voice network. They require establishing a dialed outbound voice call to deliver a message over a network prone to connection delays, dropped calls, congestion, and undelivered messages. Notify differs from cellular dialers in that it is continuously connected over a cellular data Virtual Private Network (VPN) essentially creating a continuous, managed, secure, private connection across the network. This is the same network, technology, and security that supports ATMs and point-of-sale terminals.
  • Is Notify remotely accessable? Is the Notify message network reliable and secure?
    NAVI Support is able to remotely access, manage, perform diagnostics and software upgrades over the cellular data VPN. The Notify message network is continuously connected, provides hourly status, and is secured by virtual private networking. This is the same network, technology, and security that supports wireless network carriers.
  • I have sensors on my pumping system. Will they work with Notify?
    Notify will accept input from any contact closure switch type sensor or transducer (normally-open or normally-closed) or any analog sensor. Please contact us if you have any questions about existing sensors and transducers.
  • Does NAVI provide additional sensors if I need them?
    Yes. NAVI provides a portfolio of sensors generally required to detect pumping system problems and create alarm contact closures. See our SENSORS page.
  • My pumps are controlled by VFDs. Can they be connected to Notify?
    Most VFDs have a pump fault alarm contact. Although it is typically a general fault alarm, the contact(s) can be wired to the Notify terminals and identified as a general VFD alarm. Future Notify options will include Ethernet/Modbus connectivity to VFDs supporting detailed VFD status messages.
  • What does a Notify unit cost? What is the warranty period provided by NAVI?
    The Notify unit price is $2,135 exclusive of taxes, shipping, and remote antenna options. The recurring Network Service Fee is $350 per year. The product warranty period is 1 year with extended product and network coverage options available.
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