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Pump System Assessment Services

NAVI PumpCheck™ 
Operational insurance for essential pumping systems
Pumping systems are the heart of your building. 
Don’t let them fail.
Prevent failures, declining reliability, and diminished efficiency.

When pumps are out-of-service                              people go home, property is damaged, costs are incurred, revenue is lost.                   Periodic maintenance does not provide a complete evaluation of your critical pumping systems and piping infrastructure and equipment.

If your pumping systems are aging but not ready to be replaced, a thorough evaluation will ensure they provide the longevity and useful life expected. 

Pumping Systems are essential and expensive components of your building's operation.


  • Pumps deliver fuel

  • Pumps deliver heat

  • Pumps deliver water

  • Pumps remove wastewater

  • Pumps deliver cooling

  • Pumps provide safety


When Pumping System fail or fail to operate as required:

  • Equipment and property are damaged or flooded

  • Systems are frozen, shut down, out of fuel, out of service

  • Occupied spaces are too hot, too cold, or out of water

  • Wastewater is not removed. Containment overflows

  • Simple repairs become major expensive projects

When unplanned out-of-service conditions occur:

  • Students and employees stay home or go home

  • Hotel guests have no hot water, meals or amenities

  • Patients can’t be treated, and Doctors can’t operate

  • Manufacturing processes stop, and orders aren’t filled

  • Revenue is lost, unplanned repair costs are incurred

Built on decades of commercial and industrial Pumping Systems expertise and certified by the Hydraulic Institute, NAVI Pump Check™ provides a comprehensive assessment of the condition, performance, efficiency and emerging failure issues of critical Pumping Systems.  BEFORE failures and out-of-service conditions occur.

NAVI Pump Check™ covers:

  • Office & Retail Space

  • Hospitals & Healthcare

  • Public & MF Housing

  • School Districts & Campuses

  • Municipal W&WW

  • Resorts & Hospitality

  • Sports & Entertainment

  • Manufacturing Facilities

Pumping Systems assessed:

  • Water Pressure Boosters

  • Package Circulation Systems

  • Sump and Sewage Systems

  • Water & Wastewater pumps

  • Oil Sensing Sump Pumps

  • Fuel Transfer Pumps

  • Fire Safety Systems

  • Process & Cooling Systems

Preventing Loss-of-Service:

  • $1000s in repairs or replacements

  • $1000s in operational losses

  • Quality-of-Service impact on:

    • Customers

    • Employees

    • Patients

    • Citizens

    • Environment

NAVI Pump Check™ is an on-site pumping system inspection and assessment service designed to evaluate critical commercial and industrial pumping systems to identify emerging maintenance, performance, and efficiency issues and prevent marginal operation, system failures, and out-of-service conditions.

The Hydraulic Institute

The Hydraulic Institute (HI), celebrating 100 years, is the global authority on pumps and pumping systems, establishing industry standards, DOE rulemaking, and support for the industry and its stakeholders.

What NAVI does

Inspection of pumps, motors, control equipment, instrumentation, valves, and system

Inspection of the facility or plant areas serviced by the pumping system(s)

What you get:           

A comprehensive report on:    

  • The condition and assessment of the pumping systems

  • Specified pump curve performance with current performance

  • Potential failures or compromised performance issues

  • Recommended maintenance, reliability, and efficiency measures

Inexpensive insurance against extended property damage and prolonged out-of-service conditions
Download PumpCheck™ Datasheet
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