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NAVI Solutions is improving the operational continuity of facility infrastructure through the methods of IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things, transforming essential building systems into connected IIoT smart devices...

Wireless Pump Monitoring & Alarm Systems

What’s the cost of downtime?

Building System Experts here to help with . . . .

  • Alerting you to problems with essential pumping systems

  • Improving energy efficiency and reliability

  • Pumping Systems requirements & design 

  • Assessing current and planned systems

NAVI Notify™ Wireless Pumping System Alarms

Insurance against pumping disasters

Pumping Systems are the heart of your building.  What happens when they fail? It's your job to make sure nothing goes wrong.  When it does, don't be the last to know.

When things go wrong, time is working against you.  Water pressure is not maintained, heating and cooling are not delivered, wastewater is not disposed, fuel is not delivered, and manufacturing processes stop. Operations, equipment, property, and revenue are at risk.  When your pumps don’t work people go home.


NAVI Notify™ provides direct and immediatenotification of pumping system alarms to maintenance personnel, facilities managers and property stakeholders ensuring critical conditions are identified and corrected before equipment and property are damaged or utilization and revenue are compromised

When your pumps fail, what's an immediate response worth?




Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) provide motor control by varying the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to the pump motor.  By matching the motor speed with required pump performance, energy reductions of 30% or more can be achieved.


Variable Frequency Drives support a range of control strategies beyond basic energy efficiency.  VFDs can be programmed to respond to multiple sensor inputs such as pressure, level, flow, and combinations of inputs indicating failure conditions.

Optimization & Reliability

Properly configured VFDs will optimize pump performance by maintaining head and flow at or near its Best Efficiency Point (BEP). Operation at or near the BEP will reduce cavitation, bearing and seal wear improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

NAVI Service Solutions

Consulting & Engineering Services
NAVI Solutions provides a range of building systems related Consulting Services including:
  • Reliability Improvements

  • Problem Diagnosis

  • Pumping Control Systems

  • Systems Engineering & Design

  • Requirements Planning

  • Energy & Efficiency Analysis

Our Controls and Instrumentation Design Services are built on our experience in design and implementation of real-time industrial computer control systems for electric utilities, steel mills, power plants, chemical processes hydro-electric plants, and gas distribution systems.

Hydraulic Modeling
The mathematical simulation and graphical representation of pumping and piping system behavior through changing inputs, design parameters, and operating conditions.

  • Evaluate infrastructure changes

  • Identify critical operating conditions

  • Graphically illustrate system behavior over time.

  • Identify constraints and overflows.

  • Project levels, pressures and flows

  • Evaluate the impact of VFDs

HI Pump Assessment
The Hydraulic Institute (HI) is the global authority on pumps and pumping systems, establishing industry standards, DOE rulemaking, and support for industry stakeholders.

NAVI Pump Check™ is an HI certified pumping system assessment service designed to evaluate critical commercial and industrial pumping systems, identify emerging maintenance, performance, and efficiency issues to prevent marginal operation and failures.