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NAVI Solutions is improving the operational continuity of facility infrastructure through the methods of IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things, transforming essential building systems into connected IIoT smart device.

NAVI Solutions' Notify MARC II

Pumping System Monitoring & Remote Management

Real-time Performance & Operations Information

Pumping Systems are essential and expensive assets.  Monitoring the status and performance of pumping systems is the foundation of ensuring continuous operation, reliability, and above all, minimizing downtime.

What you need to know. When you need to know it.

Reliability. Efficiency. Information. Remote Control.

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Alarms & Notifications

  • Suction Pressure

  • Discharge Pressure

  • Tank Level

  • VFD & Pump Faults

  • Loss of Power

Pump System Monitoring
  • Pump Starts & Cycle Time

  • Tank Level, Pressure & Flow

  • Temperature & Vibration

  • R/T Energy & Efficiency

  • Chemical Level Monitoring

  • Analytics & Reporting

Performance Data Logging
  • Pumping System Control

  • Pump Starters/Contactors

  • Actuators & Modulators

  • VFDs & Modbus Devices

  • Remote VFD Diagnostics

Remote Device Control
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Download Notify™ Datasheet
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Notify w/NEMA 4X Enclosure


Notify Standalone or Panel Mount

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